Opening Ceremony Speech

Minister Ghita Mezzour

Minister Delegate in Charge of Digitalisation and Administration Reform


Prof. Yoshua Bengio: Cognitively-inspired inductive biases for higher-level cognition and systematic generalization
Mehdi Ghissassi: Building Research grounded products that impact billions of users
Prof. Hajar Moussannif: Artificial Intelligence: Unlocking Real Value Beyond the Hype
Walid Daou: How AI can Create Value for Corporates : History and Use Cases
Dr. Halima Bensmail: Harnessing big 'Omics' data with ML and AI for disease signature discovery
Kemal El Moujahid: Google Machine Learning Ecosystem for Research and Production

Dr. Ulrich Paquet
AlphaZero: A Retrospective Story
Prof. Mohammed Essaaidi: Morocco's Strategies and Policies to Leverage AI For Its Socioeconomic Development

Prof. Ali Idri
Data Preprocessing in Medical Knowledge Discovery

Dr. Kaoutar El Maghraoui
: Powering the Future of AI through Specialized AI hardware Accelerators


Innovation and Bridging the Gap Between AI Research and Industry