December 21 - 23, 2021

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Kaoutar EL Maghraoui

Minister Ghita Mezzour

Minister of Digital Transition and Administration Reform

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Yoshua Bengio

Prof. Yoshua Bengio

Full Professor
Université de Montréal - Mila, Canada

Honorary Keynote

Yoshua Bengio

Prof. Yoshua Bengio

Full Professor
Université de Montréal - Mila, Canada


Hajar Moussannif

Prof. Hajar Moussannif

Associate Professor
Cadi Ayyad University

Kemal El Moujahid

Kemal El Moujahid

Product Lead
Google TensorFlow

Mohamed Essaaidi

Prof. Mohamed Essaaidi

Full Professor
Mohammed V University

Halima Bensmail

Dr. Halima Bensmail

Principal Scientist
Qatar Computing Research Institute

Ali Idri

Prof. Ali Idri

Full Professor - ENSIAS
Affiliate Professor - UM6P

Mehdi Ghissassi

Mehdi Ghissassi

Product Manager

Kaoutar EL Maghraoui

Dr. Kaoutar El Maghraoui

Principal Research Scientist
IBM Research AI

Ulrich Paquet

Dr. Ulrich Paquet

Research Scientist

Walid Daou

Walid Daou

AI Lead
OCP Group

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About The Event

The first edition of MoroccoAI annual conference (MoroccoAI 2021) will be held from December 21st to 23rd, 2021. It will bring advanced knowledge and recent developments in AI for students, researchers and industry professionals. In addition to the scientific program, the conference will also include plenary sessions, Workshops and Data challenges. Attending the conference is a great opportunity for participants to network and debate about different fields of AI.

Main objectives

  1. Advance the state of R&D in the field of AI in Morocco
  2. Build a dynamic Moroccan AI community with the aim to educate, connect and support AI practitioners
  3. Foster more collaboration between academia and industry
  4. Increase the number of Moroccan representation in top AI conferences

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December 21-23, 2021

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