December 20 - 21, 2023

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About the Event

MoroccoAI organizes the third edition of its annual conference MoroccoAI 2023, which will be held virtually on 20-21 December, under the theme "Reshaping work in the age of AI."
Recognizing the need for interdisciplinary dialogue on this key subject, MoroccoAI will bring together leading AI experts in Morocco and abroad from the academic, business, technical and civil society communities to leverage synergies and raise awareness on the opportunities and challenges that AI presents for the future of work in Morocco.
The conference will explore both the opportunities and the challenges of AI in the work and outlines some of the key concerns that policy makers, businesses, and the wider community will need to solve.

Goals and Objectives

The aim of this conference is to open the dialogue on the current trends that shape the new world of work. The conference moves beyond the problem definition towards concrete solutions that can only be derived from rich multi-stakeholder engagement, bringing together ethicists, technologists, researchers, policy makers and business leaders. The conference aims to provide a platform for all these stakeholders to:
  1. Discuss the impact of AI on the job market generally, and how by necessity AI will change work in Morocco
  2. Explore AI applications to enhance productivity and job quality
  3. Identify strategies for upskilling and reskilling the workforce in the age of AI
  4. Learn from real world case studies and recent research results
  5. Help leaders take control of the process of managing in the era of AI
  6. Explore ethical issues in AI adoption in the workplace
  7. Foster collaboration among different stakeholders including industry leaders, researchers, policymakers, and AI enthusiasts
  8. Assist governments, companies, and individuals in understanding these shifts for future planning

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Attend invited talk sessions and panels to learn from the experts in the field


Bring your work and projects to present and get feedback from experts


Network with fellow attendees and grow your professional network

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December 20-21, 2023

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