Call for Data Challenge

Deep learning IndabaXMorocco is launching a Data Challenge to offer an opportunity to learn and test ML skills on a real-case problem. One of the goals is to involve anyone interested in ML (especially undergraduate students) in this event.

For this edition, the organizing committee chose DrivenData’s warm up challenge: Machine Learning with a Heart. This challenge is a simple ML challenge with scarce data that pushes competitors to test several ML methods, not only deep learning methods, we hope that this will encourage all ML practitioners to participate despite of their level.

Rules of participation

You can compete individually or form a team. Each team is to be composed of at most three people. You must name your team by concatenating the chosen name + IXM, example: TeamName-IXM. At least one of the members should be able to attend IndabaXMorocco (29-30 April) in case they won.

How to Participate?

  1. Register on Drivendata plateform : go to DrivenData
  2. Join the competition : go to Machine Learning with a Heart
  3. Register on IndabaX Morocco: by clicking on the button on the top-right of this page. You will need informations from your DrivenData account.
  4. Submit your result: At the end of the competition we will allow you to submit your best score.

Results and prizes

At the end of the competition, the IndabaXMorocco website will show a form where the teams must send:

  1. Their rank in the leaderboard and their score
  2. The code used to generate the .csv submission file

During the IndabaXMorocco main event, a special session will be organized where the three winning solutions to the Data Challenge will be presented. All the winners will be granted a special invitation to IndabaXMorocco’s main conference, where they can learn much more about the state of AI research and industry in Morocco and hopefully make new connections that will boost their careers. A special prize will be offered to the winner team.

Important dates

Submission deadline